min-eboard monopatín eléctrico Miniboard. 1200 W Motor, rango de 20 mph velocidad superior. 12,4 Mile.

min-eboard monopatín eléctrico Miniboard. 1200 W Motor, rango de 20 mph velocidad superior. 12,4 Mile.


Mini tabla de skate eléctrica de Slick Revolution (hermana pequeña de la tabla Max-Eboard) con una velocidad de 20 km/h, rango de 19,45 km, tiempo de recarga rápido y capaz de subir a las pistas de 10 grados.
En 58 cm de largo es la tabla de skate eléctrica más pequeña del mundo y con un peso de tan sólo 6 kg, se puede transportar fácilmente y almacenar, ideal para viajeros que necesitan transporte y no disponen de mucho espacio.
Discreto controlador de mano inalámbrico con 3 ajustes y 1 mes de tiempo de espera. Velocidad lenta, media y máxima. Cruise control a cualquier velocidad y potente frenado eléctrico. Cargue directamente desde la tabla a través de un puerto USB.



The Min-Eboard truly is unique. It’s the smaller brother of the Max-Eboard electric longboard by Slick Revolution. With as much speed, range and power as competitors, The Max-Eboard by Slick Revolution comes in at around half the price of its competitors At just 23 inches long its perfect for the commuter or anyone wanting some effortless fun. A powerful anti splash and dustproof motor with 1200 Watts of power will take you wherever you like. On smooth tarmac the Min-Eboard will glide along for up to 12.4 miles and reach a top speed of 20mph. The Min-Eboard has a discreet wireless controller and can be ridden at any speed up to 20mph. Cruise control allows you to stick at any speed with the touch of a button. Need to recharge your tech while on the go? No problem just plug in to the USB port and away you go. A quick charge time of 4 hours means when your Min-Eboard is out of juice you can be up and about quickly. Strong controller activated braking means you can slow down while on the move quickly, efficiently and with just the touch of a button. 7 inch Magaluma gravity cast trucks and ABEC-7 super smooth bearing ensure a smooth ride. The board handles slightly more stiffly than its unpowered cousins but can make a 6 foot radius turn. Where will the Min-Eboard take you?
Slick Revolution’s Min-Eboard electric skateboard (Little brother to the Max-Eboard electric skateboard) with a speed of 20mph, 12.4-mile range, fast recharge time and able to climb 10 degree slopes.
At 58cm long this is the worlds smallest production electric skateboard weighing just 6kg it can be easily carried around and stored away- great for commuters who need transport and don’t have much space.
Powerful protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery and 1200w electric brushless motor for constant acceleration and huge torque. USB output to charge any tech straight from the board. Dust proof and anti splash protected casing. ABEC-7 super smooth bearings for the smoothest ride and 88A hardness PU wheels and 85%rebound. 18cm Magaluma gravity cast truck with 6mm raiser pad.
Discreet wireless handheld controller with 3 settings and 1 month standby time. Slow, medium and full speed. Cruise control at any speed and powerful electric braking. Charges straight from the board via USB port.
Based in the UK with 1 Year Warranty and Full UK support and spares available. All hardware is compatible with standard UK skateboard parts.


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